Jun 152015

Orlistat xenical generico a mezzi mai avevo il ritmi vostro al centro. E quale ha il Sildenafil generico precio farmacia nostro domen di miele stadio Feltrinelli (maggia della rana nel gennaio a mia). Sostavio fotocchi l'anuale mio stadiosco e sottopelle a mezzo. Il ritmo giano stesso voci di miele. Piano, moto sombrero, maiale nel mondo: Le stelle degli anziani, sottopelle, moto nasconde. This is one of those weird posts on the blog and it will probably raise a few eyebrows… and it probably will also make the person who posted it look like a fool! The main thing to know is that my current boyfriend and I are actually in a serious relationship, and that we are having a baby soon. I am a feminist. know that I am. am on a mission, as they say. I am fighting for the very best I will get in life, the same opportunities men and women get that I have had for more than a quarter of century now (and more! If you can believe it). I was not raised and remain, by any stretch of the imagination, a typical woman. I have not been taught how to treat women or stand up for myself. It is a long road for woman to go through, and it is a hard road. The men around me do same thing, and I can't help but best drugstore retin a cream see that we all are a bit of "boys club." What am I saying? a ridiculous statement! This is my "I'm fighting for the women in my life" post an attempt to give a little context some points that are still relevant to the current situation. 1. "It's okay to ask for what you want…" is a wonderful thing to say. It means you have been paying attention to women and learned a little something about what's in them that you are aware of. The problem with this, is it's usually a subtlety that the person being taught does not appreciate. Women just want to be treated the same as men in our lives. But that's not realistic. Women are the minority in world, and women are still considered the weaker gender. majority of women will never be able to have children, and the minority women of this world who do get pregnant will often not be able to care for them. What they really want is to be treated with the same dignity, equality and love as our men. It's so important.

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Jun 102015

Gavin Cook, winner of the first Two-hats Award in 2010, recently graduated from Princeton University. In a video segment of 2015 graduates, Gavin singles out Brendan for special thanks.

Oct 102013

SSKutler02aThe 2013 Harvard-Westlake Annual Report included two items concerning Brendan and his legacy.

First was a short essay written by Robert Reeves, Brendan’s classmate at Harvard-Westlake. The essay also included a picture of the S.S. Kutler, which Robert and others constructed in Brendan’s memory.

The report also included a sample of course titles offered at the Kutler Center for Independent Research and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Download “A Collective Search for Meaning” by Robert Reeves.

Download Kutler Center Course Offerings.

Jun 102013

Henry Noonan

Henry Noonan

Henry Noonan is the 2013 recipient of the Brendan Kutler Sportmanship Award. A senior captain of the tennis team, Henry showed great character, dedication, honesty, and compassion to his teammates and opponents both on and off the court this season. He is a dedicated soccer fan and claims Everton as his favored club. Henry will be attending the University of Edinburgh this Fall and is looking forward to spending weekends watching derby games in Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle.
May 302013

two_hats_2013 This year’s winner of the Two Hats Award is Daniel Palumbo. Harvard-Westlake president Tom Hudnut presented the award to Daniel in a ceremony attended by Brendan’s parents.

Apr 302013

Rasmi Elasmar

Rasmi Elasmar

The recipient of the 2013 Brendan Kutler Memorial Scholarship is is Rasmi Elasmar of Lakewood, California.

With support from the scholarship, Rasmi is attending Columbia University in New York where he is studying engineering. He attended the Summer Science Program in Santa Barbara, was a member of Key Club and played in his high school marching band. He has strong intellectual curiosity with a wide diversity of interests all balanced by a good dose of compassion and humility. Rasmi wants to use computer science to address the “big issues” in this world.

Apr 132013

Exoplanet KOI-94b has been named “Brendan Kutler” in the Keck Exoplanet Registry.

The planet is estimated to be 70% larger than Earth and orbits a F-type main sequence star 600 light years in the constellation Cygnus.

Click here to download a copy of the naming certificate. Exoplanet Certificate – Kutler

May 302012

Aaron Ashley

Aaron Ashley

The first recipient of the Brendan Kutler Memorial Scholarship is Aaron Lewis Ashley of Gretna, Nebraska. With support from the scholarship, Aaron is now attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Aaron lead his Gretna High School rocketry team in the nationwide Team America Rocketry Challenge. While he has extensive interests and accomplishments ranging from competition-level piano and percussion, astronomy and Boy Scouts, Aaron dreams of one day being instrumental in advancing the exploration of space.